Auto Insurance Claims: Roto-Rooter vehicle hit my car then took off, franchisee, law suit


My vehicle
My car was parked on the street the other night and it got
hit by a contractor that works for Roto-Rooter. The guy
took off and I didn't notice the major damage to the right
rear side of my car till the morning. My insurance policy
expired a week ago, so what would my options be as far as
getting roto-rooter to repair my vehicle?

Hi William,

I'm not sure how you know it was a Roto-Rooter Truck considering you did not see the damage until the next day. However, if you are sure that is who did it, you need to contact the Roto-Rooter office near you and tell them that one of their trucks hit your car. If you know the address the truck was servicing, they should be able to track down the truck that was there based on the service records for that address. You will then need to get an estimate of the cost of repairs and demand that they pay the cost of those repairs. If they refuce, you will need to file a law suit against the at-fault driver and you may also be able to include the Roto-Rooter franchisee that he works for. You will of course need to present evidence to prove it was the Roto-Rooter truck that hit your car.

I hope this helps
Richard Hixenbaugh