Auto Insurance Claims: personal injury settlements, attorney, injury

ok i was hit by a car and sustained bodily injuries. i had to go to physical therapy due to the fact that i was hit on my left side and flew 30 feet landing on my right side. I hurt my back and my legs which caused me to have to leave my job. i then hired a lawyer who has been working on my case since that time. Its been more than 4 months and i still haven't received any answers regarding my case. i completed my physical therapy and everything i was required to fulfill and now him just waiting on an offer. my question is basically how long should i be waiting for my lawyer to get an offer and how much approximately should i be receiving?

Well, I don't have enough information to evaluate your injury claim.  There are many factors that go into determining the value of an injury.  Things like where it happened, whether you are overweight, what type of work you do, whether you have a history of auto accidents, whether you have prior injuries, did you play sports in high school, etc. . .

As you can see, there is no way I could give you a value based on what you have told me. Accordingly, depending on how many of these questions have already been answered, you attorney, after all has been produced, should be able to get a settlement within 4 months.  If there is no settlement after 120 days, I would think they should be filing suit.  

Injury settlements take a lot of research, and attorneys normally have to deal with question after question.  They are practiced in getting offers.  Unless your attorney is doing something unethical or if you just can't stand them, then let them handle it and be patient.