Auto Insurance Claims: Will my stolen car that was recovered show up on the Carfax report?, carfax report, windshield replacement

Hi, thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
My car was stolen and recovered after a week. Other than the bottom of the front bumper and the stereo inside, there was no major damage and it was not in an accident. I was wondering if my car will show as stolen and recovered on Carfax if I accept the insurance claim for the damages? I am worried that it will diminish the value of the car in the future if I try to sell it. Is there any way to prevent the stolen/recovered car to show up on Carfax and similar reports (i.e. if I just pay for the stereo and not file the insurance claim)?
THank you


Don't even believe carfax is that good! Normally, the car needs to be a total loss to have anything issued on the title. If the car is a flood and totalled, in most cases it will be branded as salvage.

Your little claim should not make that much difference, however if you can afford to eat the damage, you should and recind the claim.

Many of us don't look ahead at future ramifications. Insurance is meant for catastrophic damage. Say your car was returned in junk condition, then I would definately file a claim if I were you.

All claims go against us. Even windshield replacement will go against you and that is why I have not fixed my windshield for four years.

I have seen two theft claims over a 2 year period where the insured got cancelled. Its not fair, but that is how it is.

If you go to get a quote, you will find they will ask for the number of claims. The dollar amount is not as important as the amount of claims.

If you eat this claim, it may save you a lot of hassle if you hit a deer in the future.