Auto Insurance Claims: Property Settlement, comparable vehicles, property settlement

Hi - I was in an accident last month. It was raining and I hydrplaned into a telephone pole. No one was injured. I have a 1993 Supra. It was in pristine condition - with about $16k put into the engine. I looked on the Auto Trader - and the price for a 1993 stock was at least $25k. Well, the driver side floor panel was bent so Geico wants to total it out and give me $15k for it. They also said that they will give me $13k and the totaled car.
My question there any "bargaining" that I can do with them??

Hi Casey-

All insurance companies use pretty much the same service to determine fair market value.  I think it's called CIC if I remember correctly. They will provide the insurance company with several comparable vehicles to back up there determination of fair market value.  Adjusters will often work with you on things that you optionally added to the vehicle if you can provide documentation, but other than that there's not much bargaining.

Sheldon Maughan
Sacramento, Ca