Auto Insurance Claims: someone hit my car, eye witness, insurance company

hi richard,  someone hit my car while it was parked in our townhome complex.  our car was parked perpedicular to our garage, in the road by the curb.  we didn't see the license plate number but the drive came by the complex 1 week later to visit their friend , our neighbor.  he denied hitting our car.  but there are marks on his bumper.  my wife saw his car hit our car. we didn't get the lic. plate number at the time he hit the car.  but one week later when he parked in the same spot again.  my wife approached him and he denied it. how do we make sure he pays when our insurance contacts him.  can he deny it?  can our insurance company make him pay? our deductible is high and it wsn't our fault.

Hi Susan,

Unfortunately, there is no way to make someone tell the truth. If he denied it to you, he will likely deny it to your insurance company. You could call the police to report it as a hit and run. They would investigate and write a report. However, without a direct eye witness, it will be difficult to prove.

I hope this helps
Richard Hixenbaugh