Auto Insurance Claims: small fenderbender in driveway, letter in the mail, fenderbender

My question is this.
Our son had his car parked behind my SUV in our driveway.
I was getting ready to leave, he was in his car, I ask him to move his car, so I can leave, I waited, then I did not see anything behind me, mind you it was 06:15 in the morning , dark, I proceeded to back up, and backed into his car.
I could not see anything on his car, when I came back , our son was already on the phone with the Insurance, aquiring about the damage to his car.
He did not even check with us first, before making the call.
After talking to him, later in the day, he informed me, that he did not file a claim,just ask a question .
He did take the car to get checked out, to find out how much in damages the car has.
Today I get a phone call from the insurance company asking me questions about the incident.
I told them, that we are taking care of it , and to leave it at that.
Then my son called them, and said, he is not filing a claim.

Here is my question, my husband is rightfully upset, that our son took that route, without talking to us first.
I am worried the insurance company is still going to raise our rate when our policy is up, and or send us a letter in the mail, having to explain the incident, that will also raise our rates.
Is that possible???
Can my rates still be raised due to the phone call inquiry our son made ????

thank you

Hi Sonja,

Some insurance companies will raise rates based solely on an inquiry. However, there is no way for me to know if your insurance company will do that. You will just have to wait until you get your renewal notice or you can call your agent to ask.

I hope this helps
Richard Hixenbaugh