Auto Insurance Claims: Motorcycle accident, kelly blue book, motorcycle accident

Hi, On Monday, my husband was rear ended on his 2003 Goldwing ABS.  
There is significant damage to both the front end and back end of the bike
since he was pushed into the pick up in front of him.

The mechanic at the honda dealer said the repairs were going to be in the
9-10,000 range on the bike.  Which if it is, we are expecting the insurance
company of the driver that hit my husband to total the bike.  

Our problem is we are concerned about the valuation.  We have searched the
internet for comparable pricing on a replacement 2003 Goldwing with ABS.  
Our is yellow, but finding a yellow one is next to impossible.  Kelly Blue book
puts the valuation at around 12,900.  But the selling prices we are seeing for
ABS models are 15000 with yellow abs 2003's going for even more.  

Any idea what we can expect?  

Hi Suzanne,

You should gather all of the information that you find.  Also take a look at  Remember that all of the internet based valuation guides are just that, guides. There information is based on national averages of dealer asking prices, not actual sale prices. There is always room for negotiation.

When the insurance company makes you an offer to settle, you should ask them to provide you with a copy of whatever they used to determine the value. This way you can check it for errors as well as compare it to the information you found yourself. If there is a significant difference, you can use the information you found to negotiate with the insurance company.

I hope this helps
Richard Hixenbaugh