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Auto Glass: All Chevy Blazer Glass, Chevy S10 glass


Hi, I know this is alot of information, but i need to know how much every window in a 2 door 1996 Chevy Blazer would cost, i need the windshield, rear windshild, both front side windows, and both rear windows, and I need both mirrors, and the rear view. Some kid came back in our yard and smashed all of this. I was wondering if its worth fixing. So if you could answer the price of that, it would be great! and its an s-10 blazer.


       Its not that Bad for EVERYTHING New is around 850.00   But, I wold get the Windshield NEW and the rest USED or find a whole truck to buy and do it yourself!! tThere are a couple on Craigslist. Send Me the picture when its done!

                                        Hope This Helps!   Derek =D