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Auto Parts: 99 stratus transmission swap, spade connectors, pep boys

I recently bought a 99 stratus with transmission problems for my 16 yr old daughter, and found  a transmission from a 97 cirrus. Some sites list the same tranny and some say they won't mate, both cars have the 2.4 DOHC any HELP!!!!

Hi Jeff,

Your trans (41TE) can ONLY be controlled by the TCM in a 1999 Breeze, Cirrus or Stratus equipped with a 2.4L engine.

Be it little-known that the two transmissions ARE interchangeable by switching the wire harness and connectors from the 99 unit (flat spade connectors) into the 97 unit (switch has round pins) making sure to follow the schematic to get the wires correctly installed as to not cause damage to the ECM/PCM.

This procedure is something that should ONLY be attempted by a SKILLED automatic transmission technician.

Your direct answer is no, the units are not interchangeable but since I've done this transplant previously a few times, I know it will fit and function dependent on the amount of time and/or the skill level of the installation tech.

Looking for a reputable service technician? My advice on finding a good technician is: Steer clear of the dealership and 'chain' stores like Firestone, Sears, Pep Boys, Monro Muffler/Brake, Midas, etc. as they usually only employ ONE ASE Certified Tech just so they can say they do and chances are, that guy is the asst. manager or manager and is not in the store to diagnose/repair vehicles anyway. Find a service location in the link below or get some names out of the yellow-pages and do a drive-by. Garages that employ ASE Certified Technicians will be marked with the 'Blue-Seal' insignia. If unsure about whether a place employs Certified Techs, just ask to see their credentials. ALL ASE Certified Technicians will be PROUD to show and display their certificate(s).

Thanks for the question, I hope this information was helpful to you.
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