Car Alarms: disarming a factory alarm system, nissan 300zx, fcc id

I have a 1991 Nissan 300zx. Everytime i lock the doors from the inside, holding the handle from the outside, then shut the door, walk away for 20mins, and then factory alarm goes off? it will automatically stop, then proceeds to start again. I have to disconnect the battery everynight and connect every morning, this is getting old. I would like to shoot it or have it TERMINATED! Please help me get my sanity back.

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Hmmmm, Likely to be factory if it's the car's own horn honking.
However, if it's a siren and flashing lights, it's after market.

Ok, here's what I know...

If your system is after market:

The Parking Lights Would Flash, A siren Is Going Off,
An LED Is Flashing As Well, and You May Have A Shock/Impact
sensor set Too High Too. Try The Following Procedure
To Disarm/Disable It.

To start with, you can identify which after market
system you have by using the FCC. ID.# found
on the back of each remote. Try a site
like or
to track down the one you have in your hand.

Now let's put the system into overide mode.

As far as the valet/overide button, it's a hidden
device-switch, a little spring loaded micro button,
red or black possibly and is probably down under
the dash area, near your knee/leg. In some
remote start/alarm combos, the antenna on the window
glass will also have an override/valet button.
Older sytems will have a flip type toggle switch.

When you locate the button or switch,
turn on the ignition key, press and hold
in the button until the alarm chirps 1 time
(for toggle types, key on, flip switch in the
opposite direction, then key off)

This should over ride the system, and only the
keyless entry part, if installed, would still be

You would get a single chirp to confirm from the siren.
The LED (light emiting diode) light in the dash
should also go on solid. This is valet/overide/reset.
This should correct any issues like starter disable,
or anti-hijack. Your keyless entry, if installed,
will still be operable. The have it inspected for the
falsing issues you are experience at a local shop.

You would repeat the same steps to toggle
back into user mode.

That should do it for 90% of the after market alarms
out there.

If however, yours is a "FACTORY" or, OEM
(original Equipment Manufacturer) "alarm/security" system,
then the disabling procedure info for any given
specific vehicle is now deamed to be too sensitive to
publish here (as suggested by ALLEXPERTS administration.!).

So, to comply, as of March,22 08, this service is no longer
part of the volunteer information I can offer for free here at . Specific OEM/FACTORY alarm disarm/disabling
info is now available ONLY at the WIREWERX.

My installation wiring charts provide the proper wire colors,
polarities, and locations to install a keyless entry,
remote start or, car alarm system into any given vehicle,
or if just trying to disarm/disable your factory/OEM system,
there is a link there to get a tutourial on how to do it yourself
for only $3.99.

I hope you can appreciate the legal reasons behind not
providing this info any longer to just anyone who asks
for general consumption. By doing it this way, I'll
get a record of payment and a name/email address as
a stop gap to help prevent any unauthorized disabling of
your system or anyone elses, by a would be car thief!

Please go to the WIREWERX so I can get you the
info you require to fix your situation.

Good luck with this issue.