Chrysler Repair: Analog/Digital Cluster switch;94 LeBaron -- Part 2, electronic information center, oil pressure sending unit

Natural Plug front view
Natural Plug front vie  
QUESTION: Hi Roland, i'm back
sorry  for other questions but the system said: "Too many follow-ups, please ask a new question"

Ok i checked my BCM wires to natural plug, found interesting things..

1.- the natural plug has 15 wires
2.- the manufacturing date of the BCM is: 8 December 1992

i verify the cables and their functionality... with one wiring diagram of a "92 AG/AJ Premium Body" and the colors and wires are the same in the natural plug, with EIC wires exception..
like, oil, water, and 12 Volts feed.  maybe i just need tu wire this to natural plug to 11 oil,24 water, 5,6,18 feed  pins,

at this time i understand some many many wires and functions, but i still have a doubt, how the EIC receive the Tach, Speedo and voltage gauge info?  because in the BODY computer diagram i can't found any wire with TAch and speedometer info input or output    =/, maybe through data bus, but no info wire input exist to BCM...

i put a diagram of my natural plug.. and a pic of my BCM..

thanks Roland for your time..

ANSWER: Hi Fernando,
That is interesting, only 15 wires. That is in between the number for the '94 (7 wires) the '93 (21 wires) and the '92 (23 wires). What is the manufacturing date of the bcm that you bought with the electronic cluster?
I suspect that you will want to try and get at least 21 wires if not 23 onto the plug to cover as many of the functions that your '92 electronic cluster bcm is looking for. I am not sure what you mean by the EIC wires, is there another name for them...maybe it means electronic information center? or visual message center or ?
I show 24 as the oil pressure sending unit in the '92. Yes, the speedo and tach info are digitized at the tcm and pcm and get to the bcm on the data bus wires.
The diagram that you sent in not readable here due to some problems with my computer. So tell me the pin numbers that don't have wires assigned to them and I can tell you what should be going to them for '92-'94 years. Then we can figure out which are needed and where to get them from.
PS: Another approach would be to simply change out the cluster plugs so you can install the electronic, using only the wires that are shown on the plugs that came with the cluster, and substitute the bcm that came with the cluster for the one that came with your car, and see how it works. That will tell you what wiring you need to route to the bcm if something doesn't work.

PPS I was able to view your plug diagram and can tell you the wires that were used in the '92 model according to the service manual wiring diagrams, but which aren't shown on your diagram:
pins 5,6,18 have a 12v wire from fuse 14 dark blue/white
pin 9 headlamp switch to dimmer switch red/yellow which lights the 'high beam' light on the cluster
pin 11 oil pressure sending unit gray/yellow now on pin 13 of the mechanical cluster black plug
pin 12 concealed headlamp module (not applicable to your car)
pin 24 water temp sending unit violet/yellow now on pin 11 of mechanical cluster black plug
pin 25 concealed headlamp module (not applicable to your car)
So it looks like you may have to route wires to pins 5,6,18;9;11;24.
I suspect that you may not need to wire to 5,6, and 18 as those may be the power source to operate the concealed headlamps which of course you don't have.

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QUESTION: Great Roland,

yesterday I was analyzing the diagram, and found the same points, i'll post a .doc file with this info to LebaronFanclub group..

some doubts again

check engine lamp signal .. is digitalizes too ?? any wire to Electronic Cluster with this signal ...??

can you tell me the pins order numeration of blue plug in electronic cluster i can't read the little numbers in the arness,
after this
i think that I have already sufficient info to make the switch and test it ..
what do you think ?

first i will try without 5,6,18 pins if all works , would be great, but if not..
second i will try with power feed to 5,6,18 pins...

aa the  manufacturing BCM of the 92 donating car is 20 febrary 1992 is of the same year of the BCM in 94 car..  
i will use the native BCM..

i will based my switch first in the doc file that i was found in the yahoo group and your above commnets, later in my analisys  =)

i hope begin today in afternoon or early tomorrow .. XD
what do you think about this

i will post my .doc file to yahoogroup can you check it in a few minutes..


ANSWER: Hi Fernando,
It appears that the check engine light (G3, Black/pink on the mechanical red, pin 11) is digitized at the pcm so you won't need to use that one.
On the blue plug: 1-6 on the narrow side with 6 at the long tip, then 7-13 on the wide side, 13 is behind the 6. Wires are 1 gray, 2 black/tan, 5 tan, 6 light green, 7 violet/brown, 8 white/black, 11 violet/pink, 12 red/orange.
On the red plug: wires are 1 orange, 5 gray/black, 6 light green/orange, 7 black/light green, 12 dark blue/white, 13 pink.
I wouldn't know about the '94's body computer, but I would be surprised if it does the job unless it is the same part number as the one that came with the electronic cluster. I recall that the body computers were 'matched' to the cluster that they supported. But give it a try.
In theory, there is reasn to believe this will work, but no guaranty.
Please let me know.

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QUESTION: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Hi Roland I'm Back

mm not good news...
but i think the procedure is right, i put all new wires in my BCM and connect the cluster to right wires in old harness and it turns to ignition position my Key and nothing happend no cluster ilummination, only the Breake Lamp =/....... my problem was that mi digital cluster does not turn on.. maybe is damage when i bought i dont test it,....

new doubt: some procedure exist to test the digital cluster ?
The cluster must turn on only energized the  pin 7 (-) and pin (12)(+) in red plug ? --> (Not operational gauges, just turn on green illumination )

if this it is the case then it does not work.. bad look,

you know some procedure to prove one before buying it ?


Hi Fernando,
Other than to verify the voltage supply and the ground, there is also a 'self-test' that begins:
"press trip and trip reset buttons
turn ignition to 'run'
release trip and trip reset buttons
If nothing happens then check the power and ground to the cluster
If digits appear in odometer window then repeat the vehicle start sequence (I'm not sure what that means)
If "check" is displayed in odometer window then press the 'us/met' button and contiue self-test... "
I can tell you the possible responses if you get this far.
The power should supply is apparently 12v on pin 12 of the red connector, and the ground is on pin 7 of that same connector. If you have them, and nothing comes from the self-test, then I would believe that the cluster is not working. Did you try changing the intensity level by rotating the headlamp switch knob?
Good luck and let me know...