Chrysler Repair: half-axle removal, manual roland, drive shaft

how to remove the driver side axle when stuck?

The important point is to not simply pull on the half shaft because that will possibly damage the connection to the tripod flex joint. Try pulling on the very end of the drive shaft, called the tripod housing (the part directly adjacent to the trans housing), simultaneously while pulling on the axle to see if that doesn't release. Then try using a pry bar levering the tip of the bar against the wide shoulder of the tripod, and fulcrum being on the transhousing bolt/stud if one is protroding from the trans housing an appropriate length to get an effective pry action. The c-clip on the stub output of the trans that has to release its grip on the tripod housing so as to be released. So rather than a steadily increasing pull you would want to give a quick/sharp yank on both parts simultaneously or with the pry bar and a simultaneous yank to get it to release. But don't pull just on the shaft as that can damage the joint. C-clip has to be compressed to allow the removal, and that will more likely happen if you give a quick yank/pry on the tripod housing.
Let me know the model, year, and type of trans if this doesn't work and I can see if I have anything in that specific veihicle's manual.