Hyundai Repair: 1999 accent alternator problem, slow blow fuse, alternator pulley

QUESTION: the other day i was driving at night, and i noticed the instrument panel dimming, then the radio shut off, then the airbag light came on, then the whole car died.  i started the next day by taking the battery to be tested (it was dead. i replaced the battery and everything was fine until today, when i noticed the alternator light coming on at idle. so...1 could a bad connection on the positive battrey terminal cause all of that?  2  could poor belt tension cause all of that?  should i just suck it up and get a new alternator anyway? it has 211000 miles!

ANSWER: If the alternator belt is so loose that the alternator pulley isn't turning, this could be causing your problem.  Otherwise, you need a new alternator.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: ok. i replaced the alternator and when i let the car idle, it idles @ about 750 rpm...and the battery still dies...could something like the condenser fan be pulling too much current?  is there anything else that i'm missing that you can think of....when i replaced the alternator, i let the car run for a while to recharge the battery, but it didn't receive the charge!  any ideas?


If the battery lamp comes on, you should go back and recheck the alternator.  

If the battery lamp is no longer coming on, it's possible the main 100A slow blow fuse (in the underhood fuse box) has blown.  This may have occurred prior to or during servicing.