MG Car Repair: Choke cable connection to dual SU HS4 carbs, correct bracket, rich mixture

Above is a link to the diagram of the carbs I have.  I read the question to Dan on how to connect the choke cable up to the linkage so that it would pull open the linkage when the choke cable is pulled, but didn't see a response.  I have all the parts, but don't see how to make it happen.  Can you help me?

ANSWER: Hi Jeff.  My reply to Dan's follow-up question was:

I think you are missing a bracket, part #40 in the diagram 28987 that you referenced in your previous communication.  This bracket clamps the end of the inner cable, so when you operate the choke, the abutment (part #42) is lifted vertically upwards by the outer cable, rotating the shaft that operates the choke mechanism.  As the shaft rotates, it lowers the jets of both carbs, producing a rich mixture.  Sorry that I don't have a photo I could send to you.

Get back to me, Jeff, if this is still unclear.  A photo of your setup would help.

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choke setup
choke setup  
QUESTION: attached are pictures of the setup I have.  thank you for your response.

ANSWER: Hi Jeff.  Your photo explains everything.  

You have the correct bracket, and you have the correct cable.  However, the cable is routed wrongly.  It should go underneath the carburetter and come upwards.  As the knob is pulled, the outer blue sleeving should rise up, pulling the carburetter lever upwards with it.

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I have just received a comment from Dan, who had the same problem as you.  He has attached a photo of the correct setup and reports that it now works correctly.

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QUESTION: Barrie - how can I get a copy of the photo? I have had to order a new choke cable because the wires were unravelling inside the case, so it will be a few days before I can install it.

HS4 photo from Dan
HS4 photo from Dan  
I assume you are using Windows.  Click on the following link to bring up Dan's photograph in a new window, use your mouse to position the cursor over the picture, right click, then SAVE AS onto your desktop.  That will give you a copy of the photo as a JPEG.