Motorcycle Repair: 1973?, harleys, excellent condition


1973 1 of 2 bikes
Hi I recently acquired 2 mcs. I'd like to find out exactly what model they are so as to decide to restore or sell. I have the Vins *7A11774H3* and *7A11100H3* and can attach pics. Do you have any idea about their value? How hard might it be to come by the missing parts? I'm not sure what exactly is missing but for starters,  1 chain gear cover, 1 Oil inj. tank, 1 ignition.  Thanks for your help and advice. This would be my first restoration but I have some experienced help.

Both bike are 1973 SX 125 harleys. For the parts you would have to do some looking. Parts for these bike are sometimes hard to come by.
As to the value it would go from poor condition at $200.00 to excellent condition of $2500.00
Good luck and happy riding