Motorcycle Repair: 2002 KX 125 problem with starting, worn piston rings, compression gauge

I have a KX that is giving me problems starting. I am not a pro machanic but can usually fix the easy stuff.  I drained the old gas out and removed the carb (I also drained it out compleatly) and blew out the jets as to make sure there were no obstructions.  The fuel line is not clogged (it drains fine).  So I looked at the plug next.  The plug is new, but when I removed it their seemed to be a unusual amount of oil/gas mixture around the threads. Now I looked in the cylinder head and it looks also real dark.  Now I know this is where the spark ignites the fuel mix but I guess I thought it would burn cleaner.  The compression seems weak but I do not know how to check it with what a stock KX 125's compression should be. My friend said that he has been mixing 32:1 for the bike.

  The oil ratio sound close.  2-strokes are not "clean" running engines so don't be alarmed by some oil residue and a dark combustion chamber.  It is typical for a 2-S to have a fair amount of carbon build up after some use.  To test compression borrow, buy or rent a standard spark plug thread compression gauge (same one for an auto) and seat it tight into the plug hole.  Kick it over hard a few times and take a look. You should be anywhere between 50 and 80 lbs.  2-S don't have much compression by design due to the "valves" being in the side of the cylinder walls and remaining open till the piston rises above them.  If your compression is low on such a new model you could be dealing with a leaking head gasket or if the engine has lead a hard short life, worn piston rings and cylinder wall.
 As for EXESSIVE oil and/or fuel on the plug electrodes, you could be dealing with an ignition failiure or improper carb settings.  If you have doubts about setting the carb back up, consult a good service manual.  There are more critical settings then you may be aware of.

Hope this helps,