Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc.): Poulan 295 Carb / Idle problems, clutch springs, poulan pro chainsaw

I have a gas chainsaw, Poulan 295. When out cutting at my neighbors, I left my saw in its case and went home, it started raining... and ... well... it wound up submerged in a water spillway.

I changed the fluids. Then, I took apart the carb and cleaned it with starter fluid and compressed air. Honestly, it looked pretty good. Got the air filter cleaned. I could not remove the muffler (???). I took out the two bolts, but the thing would not pull off. It rocked like there might be a 3rd bolt underneath it, but I could not figure out how to get at this mysterious bolt, if it indeed existed. Does it?

I read your carb instructions. This one has a screw labeled T - the idle set screw. Then there is L and H. I assume the L is the idle mix and the H is the general mix. I used your suggestions of 1.5 turns each, then messed with the H to get it to run a little better, then the L to get it to steadily throttle from "idle" to wide open.

Problem is, it will not idle slowly. The chain will move NO MATTER WHAT. If I lower the idle set, it stalls immediately.

HELP please. I am so fed up that I might break down and get a new chainsaw.

Hello Erik:

This is a Poulan Pro Chainsaw. You can View a Breakdown/IPL of this Unit at this Site Addy, and Select the P. Then Select Poulan Saw, Trimmer and Blower Parts. Then Select Don't have Part Numbers. Then Select the Poulan Pro Folder. Then Select Gas Saws. Now Scroll Down to your Model. If the Chain Clutch Springs are Weak or One of the Springs are Broken, then you will have the Problem you Described. The Chain will Turn No Matter How Low you set the Idle. If you have the Idle Set and the Saw Runs Proper without the Chain on the Saw, I Suggest you Replace the Chain Clutch. The Muffler Splits Apart and the Third Screw can then Be Removed. The Breakdown at the Site I Provided will Show you this Screw Location and How the Muffler Comes Apart. If the Breakdown is Correct, this Clutch Assembly Uses a Single Spring. This Is Most Likely the Problem. The Single Spring Clutches Tend to Become Weak and the Chain Turns at Idle. Also, the Weak Clutch Spring is the ONLY cause for the Chain to Turn at Idle Other than the Idle Being Set too High. Also, you Description of the Carburetor Screws is Correct. If you Hit a Snag or this Does Not Correct the Problem,  I am Here if You Require More Assistance. Hope this Helps. Let me Know What Happens, Please. May the All Mighty Bless You and Yours. Thanks.

Good Luck



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