Toyota Repair: smoke, 1990 toyota cressida, toyota cressida

I have a 1990 Toyota cressida with 150 K miles.recently I have noticed that when I stop the car after a 30 min drive there is white smoke coming from the hood.I checked all belts and hoses, the car doesn't heat up at all.I have also noticed some oil drops in my garage and oil level does go down every 1000 mile.I can't seem to locate where the oil is leaking from. My guess is that the oil leaks on to a hot part of the engine this creating this white smoke , any advice you can give me.

Oil leaking on a hot surface doesn't cause white smoke, it causes blue smoke and an unmistakable oil burning smell, white smoke is normally steam which is caused by water or coolant leaking, I recommend that you have the cooling system checked by doing a pressure test on the system to check for an external leak.