Tractor Repair: MF 175 hydraulic overflow, suction tubes, o rings

I have a MF 175 and we just had the oil and filters replaced in the tranny and hydraulics.  Before we took it in there was oil coming out ove the overflow regularly, since we have gotten it back the oil is coming out of the overflow at an increased pace and it looks like it has air in the oil.  We keep filling it up with fluid so it will be functional but it is leaking a lot.  Any ideas?  What type of fluid should be used in the tranny/hyraulic system?


 Anytime you have foamy or aerated oil, it means there is a suction leak in the hydraulic system.  As the pump draws oil from the reservoir and filter, air can leak in through o-rings, seals and cracked suction tubes.  Use MF Perma-tran oil.