Pontiac: 1991grand prix cooling fans, exhaust hangers, pontiac grand prix

!991 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.1 SE6 cooling fans will not kick on. the car runs great at around 160 to 180 degrees. when idling for long periods it jumps around at 200 to 215 but the cooling fans don't kick on.
recently replaced head gasket. the heads passed a pressure test and were re surfaced before I intalled them. all other gaskets from gasket kit were installed also new water pump, t-stat, fuel filter, oil and filter, coolant flushed and filled, air bled from cooling system. this car still runs strong with compression at 160+ but I don't know what I did to keep the fans from working because they worked before. I've checked all wires and connections and they are solid relays also seem to be working fine. I've been scratching my head and staring and that doesn't seem to help either.
please help I'm tired of my brother saying it's the muffler bearing.  thanx  

The fans will not turn on until it reaches about 226 degrees. Your stat doesn't even start to open until it hits 195 and wont completely open until about 220. If the engine is not overheating, you dont have a problem.
By the way, you can tell your brother that there are such things as muffler bearings. They are the rubber exhaust hangers on all late model GM vehicles. Thats how they are listed in the GM parts catalog.