Isuzu: 86 Trooper Heater, toggle switches, climate control

Hello, I recently bought an '86 Trooper II. After doing an engine swap everything works fine expect the climate control. It acts as if there is a problem with the blower. No air, cold or hot, will come out of the vents. Does this mean I need to replace the blower or could there possibly be some other problem. Thank-You very much for your help.

Do you know if it worked before hand? I would think if it did that there is a wiring problem. try to run a hot wire straight to the compressor and see what happens. if it doesn't come on, then you know its bad, if it does, you can either run toggle switches like I did to your dash, or rewire it and hope for the best.Be careful though as to not burn up your compressor, make sure you run the wires correectly. But it sounds like you know that if you did a swap.
Thanks and I hope this helps.