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i have car about 15mo old that i bought new. it has over 48k mi and am thinking of getting new one before i start having lot of issues due to miles and worn out. do you think dealer will work on a deal or is there other suggestions you may have. i have pretty good credit and have not missed payments. thanks

Lets level the playing field
Lets level the playing  
Hi Sam,

All dealers will work with you. As for other suggestions I don't have enough information,,, type of vehicle, present condition, what extended warranties are available from Mfg,,,etc.

Will you continue to do high miles in such short time frame ?,,, It comes down to trade value VS keeping car and run it into the ground.
I will be happy to help you along with the best avenue, but more detail is needed. I would like for you to study my website to get an idea how dealers operate to get you into more of a level playing field getting a fair deal, if you don't fully understand some links feel free to ask further questions,,,,,,,, I will work with you

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