Tips on Buying Cars: toyota MR2, 1992 toyota mr2, independent mechanical inspection

QUESTION: What is a fair value for a 1992 toyota mr2 that has 211000 miles on it? How hard is it going to be to find parts for it? More notably a new steering wheel cover?

ANSWER: Hi Michael,

We are dealing with a vehicle going on close to 20 years old, miles don't come into play, the only factor is current CONDITION that will determine value. Personally if I found one that passed an independent mechanical inspection at 100%, I would consider at $4000 to $5000. range,,, on the other hand I have taken in trade a few that was worth less than $2000.,,, it all comes down to you knowing what to look for buying this type of vehicle,,, on my website start with this link

Parts will not be a problem, you have much choice, check with a Toyota Dealer Parts Dep't or to save money surf wreckers along with parts suppliers such as " Parts Train "

You did not mention if the mr2 in question is a base model or turbo ?,,, if it's the latter make sure to have a full inspection performed. Can you provide a link where I can view this vehicle for further input


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QUESTION: this is the link, I do not think it is a turbo.

thanks a bunch!!!

I tried yesterday to phone the seller to ask a few key questions but got no answer, today the link is not showing, anyhow here are my thoughts.

1,,, The vehicle has got a rebuild title, that statement alone would make me stay away no matter what the price.

2,,, Asking $1500. when the same vehicle in average good condition cannot be bought for under $4000. through autotrader is a big red flag,,, don't shop price, shop value.

When you find another vehicle of interest feel free to run it by me.