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Should I buy a 2005 Mazda MPV is very good condition (60k miles)? Is the car enough for another 50k miles? How reliable is that minivan?


ANSWER: Hi Carlos

I have come across many MPV's with over 150K and consider them reliable, but facts are there are lemon's in every batch " example " one with 150K can be in excellent condition compared to one with 60K that can be in poor condition, it all comes down to you learning the buying process to make sure you end up with value for your bucks.

If you got the time, study this link on my website as a first step  

For step #2 navigate to " take car to mechanic, should vehicle still be of interest study the negotiation process.

If you can provide a link for the MPV, I will be able to help you further.

Good luck


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------  
QUESTION: Can you please go to and check the information about this car? I took pictures in every angle possible. I studied later at home and the interior & exterior is really in good condition. I never so a motor working so quiet and stable before. But maybe at the begining is ok and later will change. And I don't know if the cost of any repair will be over the standard price. I'm sorry: so many doubts! Thanks for your answer!

Hey Carlos,I went one step further and called the dealer as there were some questions I wanted answered before posting, long story short, you like the price, but stay away from this one as the answers I got were vague,

There have been 3 owners, the van was a rental unit at one time, and vehicle will be sold AS IS, not certified.
When I asked what was involved to get vehicle certified I was told they are an Acura dealership and therefore don't certify Mazda products, but an extended warranty is available to get car fixed " that is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard but played along, the salesperson must have taken me for an idiot,, again,,, STAY AWAY.