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Choices in Coverage for Car Insurance

Car insurance is a necessity in being able to drive a car legally. Many states have passed a law that you cannot get licenses or car license renewals without showing proper car insurance. This means that whether you like it are not your monthly expenses will have to include car insurance. Luckily there are over twenty different companies that offer car insurance and most usually you can find great coverage at a decent monthly rate. It will depend on a lot of things such as age, gender, marital status, and your credit scores. When you are deciding between the choices in coverage you can have there are many things to consider.

First I will tell a little tale as an example. A woman had a 1984 jeep renegade that had an oil leak. She didn't know much about mechanics and felt the vehicle was safe enough to drive for a week until her father could help find her a mechanic in the college town she was living in. What she didn't know is that oil leaking on to a carburetor could catch fire in less than ten minutes. While the jeep had been taken to a mechanic three times prior the mechanic had not fixed the problem, didn't warn her of the danger, and wasted time until the car had to be shipped to her new address. After a week of having the vehicle it caught fire because of the oil leak. She was only covered for liability since that was all she could afford while going to college. The car insurance didn't cover fire.

The reason I have described this story is that had she had fire coverage she would have been able to file a claim and get a little money for the damage towards a new car or towards having that one fixed. When you are trying to ascertain how much you can afford to pay and the coverage available you have to consider what could happen and how expensive it could be to you if you don't have proper coverage.

When you consider the choices in coverage you have liability, comp and collision, and choices in the actual monetary coverage for the motorist, uninsured motorist, and other aspects of car insurance. You need to select a coverage that you can afford, but that will not leave you in a situation where the car is not covered enough. In other words it is best to look at the cost of the car, the year it was made, and the potential hazards of where you live. In Alaska they offer moose and bear coverage under the comp and collision policies just in case. If you live in a large city you are going to want to have a lower deductible for damage in the event the car is broken into and your radio is stolen to meet the deductible with ease. Also consider the roadside assistance and car rental replacement if you don't have AAA or another roadside service.