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What Would You Prefer: A Cheap Or An Expensive Auto Insurance?

Are you, as a motorist choosing a new auto insurance policy for the first time? Or you want to replace your existing policy? What would you prefer: A cheap or an expensive Auto Insurance? This article offers some pros and cons of both low cost and expensive insurance.

But before we can discuss the advantages and disadvantage of expensive and cheap car insurance, we have to know the two basic kinds of policies that are categorized by their price.

Those two basic kinds of policies are the Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance which is the most expensive policy and the Third Party Car Insurance which is the cheapest of policies.

The Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance is the most expensive kind compared to the others. Why? Because as its name suggests it is 'fully comprehensive', meaning it includes all or a wide area of coverage, thus it is expensive.

And the second kind of policy, which is the cheapest policy, is the Third Party Car Insurance. In this policy, which is also known as 'basic' policy, car insurance companies will only cover you on three instances: One, when you had an accident. Two, when you as the driver are at fault. Three, when you hit a third party. But on any other situation the company will no longer insure you as the policy holder.

After knowing which kind of policy is expensive and cheap, it is now the time to know what are the reasons why it is good and/or bad idea to have a cheap or expensive auto insurance.

Why it is a good idea for you, as a motorist, should have cheap auto insurance? Of course, in this time of economic recession, everyone is forced to tighten up a little notch on their belt. Even people under the category of upper middle and upper class in the society are trying to spend on something a little cheaper. This includes auto insurance rates. Everyone would like to save a little and if it is possible to save a little amount, then why not?

But sometimes, cheap products or services, means sacrificing something. The same goes with car insurance. Cheap policies also mean a decrease in coverage. Thus the advantage when getting expensive policies is that you are also getting a wider coverage for yourself, your family and your property.

So in conclusion, giving importance to the price you pay is important, but make sure not to sacrifice the quality of the product, in case of auto insurance, the coverage/s.

However, if you are really patient, you can actually get a policy which is cheap but has a wide area of coverage. In order to accomplish this, you have to learn to study every nook and detail and compare quotes from different companies. You also need to avail of all the possible discounts. You have to tailor fit yourself in order to avail of the discounts and you will be surprised to be able to save thousands of dollars in the end.