Go Green With An Online Policy

buyPaperless auto insurance policies are becoming the new way to “go green” in this day and age. Just like purchasing reusable bags at the grocery store, an online car insurance policy will help eliminate the amount of paper waste left behind when the policy period has ended. Not only is the policy itself paperless, but the application is as well. Drivers who are interested in saving the planet while saving their own time and money can use our site to find a better, cheaper policy without having any paper waste to dispose of later.

A policy can be reviewed and purchased directly off our site, eliminating a good amount of unnecessary paperwork. Not many drivers are aware that they can go through the application process on Websites instead of contacting an insurer directly to get a great policy, but they can. We at Online Auto Insurance can help drivers find their auto insurance policy without using a great deal of paper that will only later be disposed of. Our comparison tool not only helps drivers find their policy, but it also shows drivers the prices other companies are willing to offer them for the same policy.

On top of that, we also claim that our process only takes minutes before any driver is given at least four quotes from reputable, local auto insurers. It’s quick and easy and only requires knowledge about the driver and vehicle that needs insurance. We have teamed up with a brokerage who already knows what car insurance companies are in the local area, and they are the ones to provide the offers. Start by locating a white box on almost any of our site’s pages (including the homepage) asking for your zip code. Type it in and click go to proceed with the process. A local zip code is needed solely for the purposes of knowing which town the driver is in and also to make sure that the driver is given quotes from local companies only, and not out-of-state companies who wouldn’t provide coverage due to the location.

After the zip code entry, there will be a series of inquiries concerning both the driver and the vehicle. If it is the driver who is entering the questions, there really shouldn’t be any problems or confusion because all questions are very easy to understand. When someone other than the driver is entering the information, such as a legal guardian, the driver should be close by or already have given their personal information to the person entering the answers. However, there is no time limit for the person answering the questions, so take as much time as necessary to ensure the answers are correct.

While facts such as the birth date, age, and address of the driver need to be entered, numbers such as their driver’s license or social security number will not be needed. This feature sets us apart from the rest. We can claim to give out accurate quotes for a policy without the need for personal identification numbers, but only when the questions are answered honestly. All of the questions will reflect the things that determine the driver’s future rates, such as their address and how often the car is driven. When the answers are false or untrue, it alters the quotes. There is an option to purchase a policy after the quotes have been reviewed, which is discussed later, and if a policy is purchased, the company will need to be given a driver’s license or social security number for identity verification. This will also verify whether or not the questions have been answered honestly and the final price could change.

When all of the questions have been answered, the driver will be shown a page containing the desired quotes. Whether or not a policy is purchased is up to the driver. We do not place consumers under any obligation to purchase a policy when using our comparison tool. To purchase, click on the desired policy and have your credit card ready. It only takes a few minutes to complete the process.

You’ll notice that up to this point no wasteful paper was needed at all, only the Internet. When purchasing the policy, there is an option to download the policy in its entirety to the driver’s personal computer. It will always be on the computer and not taking up space in the file cabinet. And when the policy has ended, the driver can delete it from their computer files and not have to worry about any thick pack of paper taking up more space in the garbage can. Of course, there is an option to have the policy printed and mailed to the driver’s home for anyone who doesn’t want it on the computer.

Why turn to the Internet when purchasing car insurance? There are a few great reasons to use OnlineAutoInsurance.com for satisfy any driver’s needs. First, as mentioned above, our comparison tool has helped many people save money by knowing what prices are being offered from a number of different companies. There is no need for any driver to open the phone book and start calling providers one by one down the list alphabetically. All this does is cause drivers to spend their time calling over and over and repeating the same inquisitive questions regarding how prices are at each company. In only a matter of minutes our questions can be answered and the driver will be looking at future prices for their policy.

Secondly, our site offers guides, articles, and tutorials on not only how to purchase insurance online, but what to look for in the provider that is chosen. Look to our articles and FAQ page to answer questions drivers may have.

A driver that can buy car insurance online is making a small contribution to lessen their carbon footprint. Over time, paper statements and policies will add up, and the amount of waste will grow. We can help not only avoid this, but help a driver’s bank account by saving them money and time when they use our online comparison tool.