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hybrid Auto Insurance2009 Hybrids: What to Know

Even though gas prices have been lower lately, the new 2009 hybrid model cars are something that many consumers have been looking forward to. While automakers have not been able to deliver every advantage they wanted to with the 2009 hybrids, they have come out with some really great cars that can offer the desirable benefits of owning a hybrid. Besides, you never know what exciting new advances are around the corner in the near future of hybrids. Hybrid technology is on the cutting edge and developing in new ways constantly.

What’s Hot in Hybrids?

The hottest new hybrid models for 2009 include the Cadillac Escalade and the Saturn Vue Green Line. Both are true hybrids and give you the fuel efficiency you want in a hybrid. The Cadillac Escalade hybrid will give you nearly double the fuel efficiency of the non-hybrid version. This is also true of the Saturn Vue Green Line. With the many fluctuations in gas prices, knowing that your gas is going twice as far is a good thing. While some people question the idea of SUVs that are hybrids, they definitely make sense for those consumers who want an SUV but also want the fuel efficiency benefits of a hybrid.

What’s Not So Hot In Hybrids?

Honda and Toyota are still dominating the hybrid market when it comes to hybrids, but they are only offering updated models that don’t have any major new improvements to offer. There are other companies out there that say their new models are hybrids, but this may not necessarily be true. Some of these vehicles have helped coin the phrase, “mild hybrids.” These vehicles don’t really offer much in the way of fuel efficiency and have the put the word “hybrid” in their description to give the image of being green and eco-friendly. One example of this is the 2009 Chevrolet Malibu. It really only offers you a 2 mpg increase in efficiency. The main way that companies tweak their vehicles to provide this to consumers is to use technology that shuts off the engine while your vehicle is idling. There are better ways to do this, such as installing larger batteries or providing regenerative braking, but for now, the mild hybrids are not including those features. In addition, some “power hybrids” do give you more power, but you will find that you get it at the expense of fuel efficiency. If you are looking for a hybrid vehicle, you should do your homework on what is actually available.

What’s Next In Hybrids?

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