Cadillac 4.5L Performance

The 4.5-liter V-8 engine has been a solid performer for Cadillac. The engine was introduced in 1988, and Cadillac modified it and made it stronger with more performance each year that it was available.


  • The 4.5 was a 273-cubic inch V-8. When introduced in 1988, it offered 155 horsepower. A high-output version, at 200 horsepower, was developed and introduced in the Allante in 1989. By 1990, port fuel injection was introduced, which bumped the horsepower to 180. This version was available in all Cadillacs.


  • The engine had a bore and stroke of 3.62 and 3.31 inches. Sequential fuel injection upped the power in 1990. The fuel and air mixture was compressed to a 9.5:1 ratio before ignition. Along with the 180 horsepower, the engine had 246 foot-pounds of torque.


  • The Seville, El Dorado and DeVille had a top speed of 126 miles per hour and a quarter-mile time of 17.4 seconds. It was rated at 15.1 mpg for city driving and 18 mpg on the highway. In the Allante the top speed was 135 mpg and the quarter-mile time was 16.7. Gas mileage was about the same as the other cars.