How Do You Cancel an Appointment at the Maryland MVA?

At the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), you can take your driver test, renew your license, obtain a photo identification card and even take care of titling and registering your vehicle. Even with office locations all over the state, the MVA often has a long line, which makes your time at the MVA even longer. To avoid waiting in long lines you can schedule an appointment prior to visiting an MVA location, which you can cancel at any time should you no longer be able to keep your appointment.

Over the Phone

  • Cancel your appointment at the MVA by calling the same number you used to make your appointment: 800-950-1682. This is the number for all of the MVA locations.

  • Follow the automated prompts by pushing the keypad selections that direct you to a customer service representative of the MVA.

  • Tell the representative you want to cancel your appointment at the MVA. Provide your name, the date and time of your appointment and the location of your appointment. Wait while the representative cancels your appointment.


  • Go to the Maryland MVA Central Scheduling System website ( to make or cancel an appointment online. This system allows you to make and cancel appointments for driver skills tests and HAZMAT endorsements.

  • Click on the appointment selection you want to cancel. Have your appointment confirmation ready -- you received this when you made your appointment.

  • Read the terms and conditions and click the box to agree to them. Enter the information required of you, such as your name, address and contact information. Even though you already have an appointment you have to enter all of this information because it brings up your already scheduled appointment, which you then cancel by selecting the "Cancel" option and confirming your choice.