How to Boost the MPG on a Honda Element

The Honda Element is a square vehicle that kind of resembles a breadbox. This is not very good for your gas consumption and the Honda Element gets an average of 22 miles to the gallon. There are some things that you can do to try to drop your fuel consumption and improve your miles per gallon. There are modifications that can be done to the vehicle as well as ways of driving that can save you money in gas costs.

  • Keep the RPMs under 3,000 at all times. If you can keep from revving the engine, you will use less gas. Remember, the faster your engine goes, the more gas it takes.

  • Install an air dam on the Element. The air dam will keep more air from going under the vehicle which will increase the downward force and give you better gas mileage.

  • Have a belly pan installed. This will help the air that does get under the vehicle to flow freely from front to back without going up into the underside of the car and creating drag.

  • Put some side skirts on the Element to help the wind from getting under the vehicle from the sides and creating drag.

  • Drive at a constant speed as much as possible. Acceleration takes much more gas than driving at a constant speed. Use the cruise control as much as possible and take the interstate instead of driving through town.