How Do I Open the Gas Cap on a 2000 BMW 528I?

Refueling a car can be a tricky endeavor. This is particularly true of rental cars, new cars, or cars borrowed from friends and family. Pulling in to a gas station, only to find that you have guessed the wrong side for your gas tank's location, can be embarrassing. An even worse scenario involves getting out of the car and finding out that you don't know how to access the gas cap. With the 2000 BMW 528i, this is a common event. The gas cap opens in an unusual manner, but it is an easily learned manner.

  • Turn off the car and remove the keys from the ignition.

  • Exit the vehicle and walk around to the rear passenger side of the car.

  • Locate the gas tank door, which can be found behind the rear passenger door, approximately 3 feet from the ground.

  • Press on the front edge of the gas tank door (the edge closest to the front of the car) until the door pops open.

  • Twist the gas cap in a counterclockwise direction, until it dislodges from the gas tank.