How to Tow a Jaguar X-Type

The X-Type was produced by Jaguar from 2002 through the 2008 model year. Available in two body styles, a sedan and sportswagon, the X-Type comes equipped with all-wheel drive as a standard option. Because of its all-wheel drive platform, all X-Types should be towed on a car carrier that can carry the Jaguar with all its wheels placed on the trailer.

Things You'll Need

  • Towing vehicle
  • Car carrier
  • Allocate a towing vehicle and car carrier rated at the proper towing capacity for the Jaguar X-Type. Before towing the X-Type, you should adjust the side mirrors on the towing vehicle, check all turn signals and brake lights and synchronize the car carrier brakes with the towing vehicle.

  • Securely attach the car carrier, towing chains and trailer lights to the towing vehicle. Follow all towing guidelines provided with the car carrier and towing vehicle for safe operation.

  • Park the towing vehicle and car carrier on a flat surface and in a straight line.

  • Loosen the front tire straps and set them away from the tire platform.

  • Lower the loading ramps, located at the back of the car carrier, to the ground.

  • Drive the Jaguar X-Type onto the car carrier, with the assistance of a guide, until the front wheels are set against the wheel stops. Do not back the vehicle onto the carrier.

  • Shift the X-Type into "Park" and set the emergency brake. If you are towing a Jaguar X-Type with a manual transmission, shift into the lowest possible forward gear and then set the parking/emergency brake.

  • Center the tire strap tie-down ratchets with the front tires. Use the tie-down ratchets to tighten each strap after they have been placed over the front tires. When tightening the straps, pay attention, so they do not come in contact with any other parts on the X-Type.

  • Attach the safety chains from the car carrier to the Jaguar X-Type frame. Do not attach to or inhibit any steering or brake components on the Jaguar. There should be a small amount of slack in the safety chains.

  • Return the loading ramps to their locked storage positions.

  • Remove the keys and lock the Jaguar X-Type.

  • Tow the Jaguar X-Type 100 feet. Perform a safety check on all components, including: the safety chains, coupler, ramps, tire straps, etc. Another safety inspection is recommended after the first five miles of towing and every 50 miles thereafter.

  • Tow the Jaguar X-Type in accordance with all traffic laws.