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4 Recent Biodiesel/Biofuel Trends

The biodiesel/biofuel trends are something that one should keep up with. Both biodiesel and biofuel are steadily becoming used more often, because of the help that they can provide to the environment. They are much safer and healthier for you, as well as for your vehicle. Understanding what their trends are will help you to keep up with the changing times.

1. Expansion

Some have said that it is expected that the biodiesel distribution around the United States is expected to expand. This expansion relies heavily on whether any of the larger oil companies decide to invest in these industries. Both Marathon Oil as well as Chevron have shown interest. Chevron has announced that it has a plant under construction in Texas that is strictly biodiesel. Marathon has been said to be preparing for biodiesel blending at their fuel terminals. In the past five years, research has shown that biodiesel consumption has grown six percent.

2. Biodiesel at Home

People at home are beginning to take biodiesel into their own hands. The number of people making their own biodiesel has risen significantly. Biodiesel can easily be made without the need of very many products or supplies. Because biodiesel is much safer for both people and vehicles, people are becoming more prone to make it themselves.

3. Renewable Fuel Standard Revision

A possible trend to hit in 2010 is that the US Congress will revise the renewable fuel standard. This means that Congress will give the renewable fuel standard a goal with time-lines as well as targets. This will make a neutral language for both feedstock and fuel. The goal that was established in 2007 for 36 billion gallons will go on to 2025 at the latest.

4. Education

With bioenergy becoming something that more and more people want to learn about, it is only natural that the education of bioethanol comes with it. More and more information can be easily obtained by those that wish to learn about it. Biodiesel and biofuel are becoming a popular topic as the oil crisis continues. Oil spills and high gas prices are some of the many reasons people are beginning to want to learn about other methods that they will be able to use. Fossil fuel is something that people are using because they have no other easy way to obtain fuel. Once people begin to learn how easy and cheap it is to obtain this new type of fuel, it is only a matter of time before people begin to spread the word. With more people catching on to the growing trend of biodiesel and biofuel, it is only a matter of time before the entire globe is aware of the benefits that they can experience with this type of fuel.