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5 Tips for Biodiesel Storage

If you have chosen to drive a car that is environmentally friendly due to it not using a standard fuel, you will find that understanding the best biodiesel storage can be beneficial. Being aware of the storage issues that you need to take into account means that you can be sure that it remains safe and in good condition.

Tip 1 - Vessels

You must ensure that the containers you choose for biodiesel storage are suitable for this purpose. It is possible for biodiesel to react with chemicals that it comes into contact with, making it necessary to take steps to prevent this happening. The drums that you use for storing the fuel should be made of stainless steel or quality plastic, which will avoid the risk of problems occurring with the fuel. It must be possible to properly seal the vessels that are used. If the containers comprise any type of coating, you must ensure that it does not react with biodiesel.        

Tip 2 - Location

Although the containers used for biodiesel storage must be airtight to avoid air and liquid getting to it, they should still be stored in a sheltered area. The fuel tanks should be stored in a cool, dark area so that they are out of direct sunlight, which can affect the quality of the fuel. A covered area will reduce the risk of water inadvertently finding its way into the containers and will reduce the exposure to oxygen. By keeping biodiesel storage tanks in a secluded area, you can also avoid the risk of them being knocked over and spilling.      

Tip 3 - Volume

Think about the manner in which you use the fuel and how often you obtain additional supplies. This will help you to determine the number and/or size of biodiesel containers that you need for this purpose and whether you have sufficient space for them. Make a decision by taking into account how much fuel you use in any given week, along with how often new supplies are available and how much you want to retain at any one time.

Tip 4 - Time Stored

By ensuring that you comply with the correct conditions of storage for the fuel, you will find that it can be stored for a significant period. Biodiesel storage for up to six months is possible when the conditions are correct. Take a note of the date on which you purchase the biodiesel so that you can keep track of its age. New supplies of the fuel should not be mixed with remains of older volumes. In the event that you know that the fuel will be stored for a long period, an additive can be used to prevent it reacting with water or air.

Tip 5 - Transfer

The weight of biodiesel tanks that you use means that you should take great care if they need to be transferred. Use a hand dolly when you need to transport them from one place to another. Avoid the need to transfer them at all by making use of a pump attached to the container to allow the fuel to flow.