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Biodiesel Gas Mileage: How Does It Compare to Other Fuels

When it comes to biodiesel gas mileage, it does not really compare well with other fuels such as petroleum diesel or gasoline. Biodiesel gasoline is one of many alternative fuels that are currently in use other than the major two of gasoline and diesel. The most important factor to many in deciding what fuel to use is the fuel efficiency. Diesel is the most fuel efficient of the three. When compared to gasoline, diesel gets about 33% more fuel efficiency. Biodiesel has about 10% less energy than regular diesel, so it should get fewer miles per gallon depending on the biodiesel content. The common biodiesel forms are B2, B5, and B20. B100 has not been made yet, which is pure 100% biodiesel. Biodiesel is most commonly made with ethanol as its main component. The energy in ethanol is less than gasoline, so in practice, biodiesel efficiency is much less than theoretical numbers. Biodiesel gas prices, such as E85, are usually cheaper than gasoline. However, the fuel economy does not make up for this loss. The next comparison would be fuel emissions, and biodiesel has the least emissions of the three. However, it does not make up for the production emissions, and as a whole, biodiesel doesn't help the environment any more than diesel or gasoline. Biodiesel has a long way to go if it wants to be considered a serious fuel source. Gasoline and diesel took years to master, and biodiesel is on its way to becoming a great fuel, but it will take some time.