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Is Biodiesel Engine Conversion Necessary to Use Biodiesel?

A biodiesel engine is one that comes with several different perks. However, there is a lot that you will need to know about it before you decide whether or not it's right for you. Engine conversion is something that you may need to worry about in order to get your vehicle working properly with biodiesel fuel. 

Biodiesel Conversion

When it comes to biodiesel conversion, you will find that a diesel engine will not need to have an engine conversion in order to successfully use this type of fuel. You will simply need to pour it into your tank. However, if you happen to have an engine that was made before 1994, then you will need to have gaskets and rubber hoses in order to do the trick. 

Rubber Replacement

You should keep in mind that over time, biodiesel will dissolve any type of rubber. This means that whenever you are making the switch that you should replace all rubber parts with something that is more compatible. Viton is one of the best materials when replacing rubber. If you do not wish to replace the rubber, then you can use B20 or B5 biodiesel, as it is of a lower concentrate. 

Biodiesel Systems

Should you ever get to a point where you no longer wish to use any biodiesel systems, then you will simply be able to make the switch back to diesel. There will be nothing that you will need to change except for what you use in your diesel engine.