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Why Arent More Cars Running on Biodiesel & Biofuel Yet

When it comes to biodiesel and biofuel, cars aren't readily available to use these new fuel types. There is no doubt that research and development for these technologies is growing. However, they are in the early stages of production and promotion, so not many people know about the new "biofuel car." Biodiesel runs on a conventional diesel engine, but there are some effects to that engine over time that may make people hesitant to use the new fuel. Some of these effects are corrosion, clogging of the fuel filters and degradation of the pumps and houses. When you read about biofuels, you will see from those that support it that it produces fewer emissions than gasoline and diesel (petroleum based) fuels. This is true, but it is only a half truth, and it's a big reason as to why cars don't run on biofuel more often. To produce biofuels, a lot of heavy machinery is needed, and these machines conveniently run on gasoline and diesel. It turns out that when you factor in the production, as well as the emissions of when you use it, that biofuels create more total emissions than gasoline or diesel. Some believe these emissions are harmful to the atmosphere, and only add to the rising amount of greenhouse gases in the world. One other reason as to why biofuel is not used that much as of now is the fuel efficiency. These fuels are not as efficient as their gasoline or diesel counterparts, and many people today want the highest fuel efficiency possible.