Do Electric Car Conversion Kits Really Work?

electric car plug coming out of a gas pump

With concerns about rising fuel costs and global warming due to the emission of greenhouse gases, many people are considering electric car conversion kits as a way to save money on fuel. An electric powered car will also have zero emissions of greenhouse gases. Most states offer many different types of discounts and rebates to owners of electric cars. In order to determine if your state is one that offers discounts or rebates, go to your state's DMV website and research electric cars.


If you're in the market to purchase any of the available electric truck conversion kits, but you're not sure whether the kit is reliable or not, it's a good idea to make sure you go to an established retailer of electric car parts. Electro Automotive has been in business since 1979 and claim to be the oldest supplier of electric car conversion kits. As competitive as our market society is, if a company isn't producing reliable products, it won't last long.  One good way to determine how reliable the electric car parts a given company supplies is to check them out at the online Better Business Bureau. See if they have any open complaints. See how they've addressed complaints in the past.

If you stay with a reputable dealer of electric truck conversion kits, you'll be more likely to purchase a reliable conversion kit. Staying with an established company also means that when and if you run into any problems, they should have the know-how to rectify it.