The Tesla Electric Car: Prices and Features

Electric Car Ignition

If you are looking to buy a Tesla electric car, there are two models that are currently in production: the Roadster, and the Model S. These two cars fully run on electricity, and can do so for hundreds of miles. These are truly in a class of their own. Tesla car price differs between the two models, but they are both very high end cars.

Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster is the top model that Tesla makes. It has a sleek design, and looks just as good, if not better than any luxury or sport convertible out there. It comes in 13 different colors, has a 375 volt motor capable of nearly 300 horsepower and almost 300 foot pounds of torque. This powerful motor allows the car to max out at 125 miles per hour. In sport mode it can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds. These numbers have never been achieved before in an electric car. It can be charged in any outlet that is 120 or 240 volts. The car has an incredible range at 244 miles. Most electric cars have a range of 40 miles or less. It also has a quick charge, so if you are going on a road trip, it won't halt your trek by that much. The car is great for the environment with zero emissions. The only bad thing about the car is the price. It costs $100,000 to buy. However, it is eligible for the maximum tax credit of $7,500 and also saves you money with using electricity and not gas.

Tesla Model S

The other Tesla electric car is the Model S. This will be available later this year. It is a four door sedan that rivals other luxury cars in design, performance and price. The Model S will retail for $49,000 on base models. It has an even better range than the Roadster at 300 miles. One of the big selling points is the Quick Charge technology that recharges the battery to full power in 45 minutes. Usually sedans sit five, but this car can fit seven passengers (five adults, two children). It has a lot of cargo space due to a trunk under the hood. This is possible because the batteries are located under the car. The batteries are just as powerful as the Roadster and can get the up to 120 miles per hour, going from 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds. There is also a high tech screen that can act as your Pandora radio, access Google Maps for navigation, and other control features. This car will rival luxury sedans and it would not be a surprise if it were to outsell any of the comparable models.