Cheap Electric Cars: The Most Affordable Green Vehicles

Space For Electric Cars

Cheap electric cars are the future of personal transport. More and more people are opting for electric cars as opposed to the normal gasoline or diesel driven ones. Soon the market is going to be flooded with various electric car models like the Chevy Volt, the Gem, the Zenn as well as the various models to be launched by Tesla motors and Aptera motors. Till then, you have to look for various other cheap electric car options available in the market.

The Cost
Various electric cars are available for low prices, as they are old gasoline cars converted to run on electric power. Usually the cheapest electric cars are available at a price starting from $5000.

The Money Saved
Usually, if you drive a conventional car you spend around $250 every month buying gasoline. Driving an electric car for the same time and number of miles, you have to spend only $18 to $20 on electricity. This means you can save close to $230 every month. Make sure that the electric car you're looking at offers that kind of efficiency or it may not prove to be so cheap after all.

The Cost of Maintenance
Typically the only thing which may require regular maintenance is the battery pack. Hence, it is important to check how efficient the battery pack is and how much life is left in it. Also, make sure that the brakes and the suspension are in a good and efficient condition. It is best to get an electric car with a regenerative braking option that utilizes an electric motor for applying brakes. This will add to your maintenance costs.

The Batteries
Since the electric cars run on a battery pack, it is important to check the batteries as to how long they can last. Some cheap electric cars still have lead-acid batteries in their battery pack, which may have to be replaced regularly and it can cost about $800. In comparison lithium-ion batteries or the new nanotechnology batteries last much longer, so they do not have to be replaced as often. Hence, it makes sense to spend a bit more for batteries that can run longer, helping to save the battery replacement costs.