Hybrid Car Review: Towing Capacity of Hybrid Cars

In this hybrid car review, we will review some popular hybrid SUV vehicle towing ratings. While hybrid vehicles do offer much better fuel economy than their internal combustion engine powered counterparts, many hybrid SUVs find themselves lacking in the towing capacity department. So, here is a review of 6 popular hybrid SUV towing capacities.

The Toyota Highlander

While the Toyota Highlander remains one of the most popular hybrid SUV vehicles on the road because of its quiet ride, reasonable fuel economy and spacious interior, it is only average in its towing capacity. The rated towing capacity for the Toyota Highlander is 3,500 pounds; however, many Highlander owners complain that the vehicle cannot really pull that much weight without the electric engine cutting off completely. Many people complain that when trying to pull a trailer and boat uphill, the electric engine simply shuts off and there is no way for them to get the vehicle to move except to disconnect the trailer. People have stated that weights of 2,000 or 2,500 pounds are more accurate descriptions for the towing capacity rating of the Toyota Highlander.

The Ford Escape

Of all the SUVs hybrid SUVs included in this round up, the Ford Escape has the lowest rated towing capacity. The Ford escape has a very modest towing capacity rating of only 1,000 pounds. With this type of limit-limited towing capacity, you can never expect to pull a boat and trailer behind the vehicle. In fact, with this type of towing capacity, the only thing you might reasonably expect to be able to pull would be a small U-Haul container trailer.

The Saturn Vue Green

The Saturn Vue Green is another small SUV that disappoints when it comes to towing capacity. Although the Saturn Vue Green is highly regarded for its fuel economy and overall dependability, the meager 1,500 pound towing capacity makes using the vehicle for outdoor recreational use almost impossible. You may be able to pull a lightweight aluminum trailer and canoe with this vehicle, but probably nothing heavier than that.

Lexus RX 400H

The Lexus RX 408 is one of the highest-rated hybrid SUVs on the road today. Its cutting edge technology used in its hybrid batteries and braking systems make it one of the most sought after hybrid SUVs produced today. However, when it comes to pulling a boat and trailer--the RX 400H is merely average. The Lexus RX 400H has a subpar towing capacity rating of 3500 pounds. While this is adequate for very small boats and lightweight trailers--you could never pull a full-size speedboat or bass fishing boat.

GMC Yukon or Chevrolet Tahoe

If you want a hybrid SUV vehicle that pulls like a real SUV, you should choose the Chevrolet Tahoe or the GMC Yukon. These are by far the most powerful pulling machines in our review today. Both of the hardy GMC made SUVs have towing capacities of 6,200 pounds, and can be used to pull all but the heaviest boat and trailer combinations.