How Expensive is Hydrogen Fuel for Cars: Price and Costs Involved

Hydrogen fuel cars are, by ratio, far cheaper to run than regular gasoline engines. Mileage is vitally important to the fuel economy of any car but hydrogen, especially, offers an excellent rate of conversion.


An average gasoline car usually achieves somewhere between twenty four and thirty four miles per gallon. In contrast, a hydrogen fuel car can get between fifty five and eighty miles.


Most hydrogen cars are hybrid. This means that they will also use another form of fuel to power the engine. Therefore some will still need regular gas as well as hydrogen to power the car when moving. The hydrogen fuel merely starts the vehicle and runs it until it reaches a certain speed or gear, after which the gasoline dominates the system.

Hydrogen Fuel Cost

Current average prices are around $2.50-$3.00 per gallon of hydrogen fuel. As gasoline prices are somewhere between $3-$4 at the present time, this highly comparable. Taking the ratio into account, this effectively means that a hybrid car will achieve an average of sixty miles per gallon at $3.00. Comparing that to regular gasoline, the ratio is around 2:1. In other words, if you spend $3.00 per gallon and get sixty miles in your hybrid, you are spending the equivalent of around $1.70 per gallon in regular fuel for every 30 miles you do.

Cleaner Fuel

Clearly hydrogen has far more benefits when weighed against fossil fuels. Especially when oil spills and crude waste becomes a serious danger to the environment. The costs of hydrogen production are far less dangerous, and have far fewer consequences to natural wildlife and habitats.