How Good is Hydrogen as an Alternative Fuel

Hydrogen is an alternative fuel that is being researched and used in the production of sustainable fuel for the automobile industry. The positive thing about hydrogen is that the only emission that comes from it is water in a vaporized form. This means it is pollutant free and causes no harm whatsoever to the atmosphere or environment.

Hydrogen Energy

Liquid hydrogen is the most viable form of hydrogen fuel for cars. It operates on a fuel cell basis and is probably the most abundant form of substance in the universe. H2 is the chemical symbol for hydrogen and most people are aware that just adding an ‘O’ will give us water. Therefore, one of the positive attributes to hydrogen is that the car will operate mainly using water as a refined form of fuel. It can also be produced using feed stocks like oil and biomass. Hydrogen doesn’t require mining. It is not a fossil fuel and therefore it does have a production process in order to create the finished article.

Storing Hydrogen

One of the main issues that have arisen is the storage of hydrogen. Hydrogen is mainly a gas and when stored at room temperature it must be sealed in compressed cylinders. To store it in liquid form it must be kept at far lower temperatures than room temperature. Hydrogen requires about four times more storage space than gasoline. This characteristic makes it somewhat less viable and more expensive than gasoline.