Hydrogen Fuel Cost vs. Diesel and Gasoline Fuels

Hydrogen fuel cost when compared to gasoline or diesel may make it prohibitive in the near future as a sustainable fuel source. The big problem with hydrogen is the process that is needed to turn it into fuel. Platinum is the best metal that is used in the electrolysis process to create hydrogen fuel, and that is one of the most expensive metals out there. Hydrogen is measured in miles per kilogram. One kilogram of hydrogen is pretty much the same as one gallon of gasoline, making for an easy comparison. The price of hydrogen is about $3.00 per gallon, and is only available in limited areas in California and New York. No other states have hydrogen fueling stations. The problem with hydrogen engines is that they don't have much power, which is due to hydrogen being a simple element. The power in hydrogen is nowhere near that of gasoline, and because of this, you cannot go as far on a full tank of hydrogen. So when compared to gasoline or diesel, which are nearly the same price, they become the more obvious choices. FCV, or fuel cell vehicles where hydrogen is used, are also very expensive cars, so the whole cost of hydrogen goes to a new level when you factor in the price of the car. As research progresses, the cost of hydrogen should decrease as the technologies improve to produce it. For now though, it makes sense to stick with gasoline or diesel for your fuel needs.