Hydrogen Fuel Saver for Cars and Trucks: Conversion Kits

With so many people looking for better ways to increase their gas mileage, many are looking at hydrogen fuel saver devices. There have been many new innovations that some have come up with to supposedly boost car performance and mileage. Although many of these ideas are great in theory, most of them do not work, or they do not work well. However, there is one proven method that has been shown to greatly increase gas mileage while being okay for your car. This innovative idea uses a hydrogen fuel generator that is attached to your car's engine. It produces hydrogen to help take the place of some of the fuel that you are using. Many have said that this apparatus is even more efficient than the hybrid fuel cars.

What Is a Hydrogen Fuel Conversion Kit?

A hydrogen conversion kit is very simple to use, although some may find it a bit technical to build themselves. The basic principal of the hydrogen conversion kit is to attach a small canister of water to the battery cable by running a wire to the battery terminal. You then run an electrode into the water, which will in turn generate hydrogen vapor. The vapor is pumped from the canister into your air intake, which burns the hydrogen vapor instead of the gasoline. It should be noted that hydrogen burns completely. It is a highly combustible gas that has a very small flash point. This allows it to be merely sprayed or pumped into the air intake where it will fire almost immediately. The ratio of hydrogen that burns as opposed to the ration of gasoline is truly amazing. Some researchers say that you get at best 30 to 40 percent of gasoline that will actually burn. The rest evaporates or degenerates and leaves a filthy petroleum residue on your injectors and other engine components. The great thing about hydrogen is the fact that it burns without leaving any type of buildup. 

Green Fuel Generator

Although not entirely proven, many people say that the hydrogen fuel conversion kit is the greenest technology available. This particular type of fuel generator burns only hydrogen, which is a non-polluting form of fuel. With this said, many people wonder why this isn't being implemented on all new vehicles. A simple explanation may be that all cars may not as easily be able to adapt this fuel generator, especially if it is a fuel injected car. Although fuel injected vehicles can incorporate this type of conversion kit, it is recommended that the car is examined by a licensed auto mechanic before any conversion is done. This will ensure that you are not scrambling any of the computer components that run the injectors.