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FAQs on Compensation for Vehicle Accident Victims

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2008, one person every 14 minutes dies in a motor vehicle accident and every day, 102 people die on the average. In 2008, there were as many as 5,811,000 police reported vehicle accidents where 37,261 people died and 2,346,000 more were injured.
The prevalence and frequency of car crashes in the United States paved the way for laws which were enacted to protect motorists as well as enforce their rights to recover compensation for vehicle accident victims.

Los Angeles has one of the highest rates of vehicle accidents in the US and so every year, thousands of personal injury lawsuits are filed so as to recover compensation for the victims.

Here is a brief but essential FAQ on recovering compensation for vehicle accident victims:

1. What kind of compensation can I get if I were involved in a vehicle accident?

Like other personal injury cases, car accident claims for compensation may be awarded economic and non-economic damages which include the following:

• Economic Damages – Medical expenses (both present and future), Lost wages, costs of treatment and rehabilitation, and property damage.
• Non-economic damages – Pain and suffering, loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment of life, disability, emotional stress and anxiety.

2. How do I file a vehicle accident claim?

After an accident, make sure that you were able to get the name and contact details of the other party. Exchange information and make sure you file a police report. When you or your vehicle incurred losses or damages because of the accident, you may write a letter to the other party, asking for compensation. If your demand letter is ignored, seek the services of a car accident attorney to help you file a personal injury case against liable party.

3. What if the compensation I need is less than $7,500?

If the compensation you need is less than $7,500, you may file your complaint in the Small Claims Court. You do not need to have a lawyer during this proceeding although, obtaining the advice or one before and after your trial would be beneficial in proving your claim.

If you have more questions about receiving compensation for vehicle accident victims and you live in Los Angeles, you should talk to a car accident attorney in your area in order to recover just compensation as quickly as possible.