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Texting Accidents and Laws in Arizona

Many states in the US have instituted laws against cell phone use while driving. This article discusses the dangers of using cell phones to send text messages while driving. Phoenix currently has laws in place banning text messaging while driving. This article discusses the potential for automobile accidents as a result of inattentive drivers using cell phones to send text messages while driving. This article also outlines the penalties involved if a person is caught texting while driving.
Cell phone usage is among one of the highest causes of automobile accidents in the United States. Several states have instituted laws banning cellular phone usage including text messaging and hands-free equipment usage. Many states have instituted laws against cell phone use while operating a vehicle. In the state of Arizona, these cell phone laws only encompass texting while driving. The Arizona Republic reported in 2007 that Phoenix police began pulling over drivers seen texting while driving.

For drivers caught a first time driving while texting will be given a warning. Thereafter, current penalties include a $250 fine with additional charges amounting to $210. As of 2007, the texting laws only applied to the city limits of Phoenix; however, many people support inclusion of these laws into state law. According to Arizona Republic, one state representative introduced legislation in 2007 banning cell phone usage (primarily involving text messaging) in the entire state of Arizona; however, the bill did not pass into state law.

One of the primary concerns of cell phone usage while driving is the injuries that a driver can suffer. Some of these possible injuries include:

Injuries from Auto Accidents
Back Injuries
Neck Injuries
Broken Legs or Arms
Serious Internal Injuries
The potential for a fatality also increases when a driver is not paying attention to the road as a result of texting or using a cell phone in general. For teenagers in the U.S. cell phone use has become a part of everyday life. Reuters reported in December 2009 that many teenagers legally able to drive admitted to texting while driving. The report stated that in 2009, a total of 1 trillion text messages were transmitted in the last 3 years.

The fact that most people do not heed the warnings of police officers and the penalties involved from getting caught texting increases the danger in roadways as a result of inattentive drivers.