How to Replace the Seat Belts in the Lexus LS 400

The Lexus LS 400 is a four-door luxury sedan now known as the Lexus ES. Like with any car it can be necessary to replace certain components due to wear. It is possible for an individual to replace all of the seat belts in a Lexus LS 400 instead of paying a dealership to complete the work.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 replacement seat belts
  • Screwdrivers
  • Socket set
  • Ratchet set
  • Visit your local Lexus dealership or search online to locate and purchase replacement seat belts that are compatible with the original ones in the LS 400. The JC Whitney website is an example of an online store that sells seat belts that are designed for the LS 400. The vehicle will need the three-point retractable lap and shoulder belts.

  • Check with the Lexus dealership as well as your car insurance company to make sure that self-installation is safe and allowed. Some insurance companies require that only professionals replace seat belts. Another option is for you to install the seat belts and have the dealership or a mechanic review the installation once it is complete.

  • Use a ratchet and socket to loosen the bolts on the floorboard that hold the seat in place. The plastic covers that conceal the bolts holding the seat belt in place can be removed carefully using a flathead screwdriver. Use a ratchet to loosen counterclockwise and remove the bolt that secures the anchor belt to the floor.

  • Use a ratchet to also remove the bolt that holds the belt retractor in place on the side wall of the car. Remove the old seat belt and position the new one on the seat.

  • Place the bracket for the anchor belt on the floor and use a ratchet to tighten the bolt clockwise into place. Align the retracting bolt in place and tighten the upper portion of the seat belt to the wall using the ratchet. Make sure that the seat belt is securely in place and operates smoothly.

  • Secure all of the plastic covers back over the bolts. Retighten the bolts that hold the seat in place. Once the first seat belt is installed, repeat the process to replace the remaining three seat belts in the Lexus LS 400.