How to Fix a Leak in a Jeep Wrangler Soft Top

Most Jeep Wrangler owners love the look and feel of their Jeep's soft top, but the canvas style of removable roof has an unfortunate history of water leaks. If your soft top is leaking at the front and rear map lights, you need to take your Jeep into the dealer for repair. But if you have the infamous leak above the door handles, you can do the repair yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Bolts with washers
  • Rubber stick-on weatherstrip
  • Scissors
  • Check the removable door-frame surrounds to see if they are loose and letting water in. Fold down the soft top, then open the door and find the two plastic knobs that hold the surrounds in place. Pull off the knobs and look for the metal rod that fits into the knob. If you see, as you tighten the knobs, that the rod is pulling out of the knob, then this is preventing the door frame from getting a tight fit and is letting water in.

  • Take one of the knobs out and bring it with you to a hardware store to buy bolts that will fit the thread size of the knobs. Buy four bolts with a washer on each one--one for each of the two knobs on each of the two doors of your Jeep.

  • Close the Jeep door to position the door frame in its proper place. Twist the bolts in where the knobs originally were, and tighten them snugly to secure the door frame in place.

  • Close the Jeep door and lay the soft top over the top of the windshield header. You will be able to see any gaps in the roof that need to be patched. Use a scissors to cut the weather strip into lengths that patch over the area of the leak. Peel the sticker backing off the weatherstrip and press the weatherstrip over the gaps to cover them.

  • Wait a day to allow the weatherstrip to meld into the soft top before you take your Jeep out in the rain.